Sarah & Dawood

Sarah and Dawood got married on August 28th, in Huntington Beach, California.  They were surrounded by 267 family friends to celebrate the the beginning of their new life together.  We were so happy to have be a part of their wedding day, they were such an amazing couple to work with.

5 Tips For Great Wedding Photos

Here are some useful tips that everyone can benefit from, whether it is for your big day or photographing moments at future events.
1. Hire a great photographer- seems obvious but researching the person you trust to capture your day will ensure that you are completely satisfied with finished product.
2.  Figure out which moments are important to the two of you and communicate that with your photographer.
3.  Think of the small things, like placing all the clutter in one corner so you can have amazing getting ready photos, or making sure you have a non-plastic hanger for dress.
4. Allow your photographer to be creative, you trust him/her so let them do their job!
5.  Feed them, a fed vendor is a happy clear headed vendor! Beside nobody needs photos of everyone stuffing their faces with the delicious spread you picked out.

Welcome to Inherent Grace


Thanks for stopping by!  This is the start of my new adventure of creating my own events from start to finish.  I am excited to share tips, insight, DIY, helping everyone bring their dreams to life.


-Tammara Stevenson