What My Wedding Taught Me

So, as a planner I thought doing my own wedding would be so much easier.  I knew a lot of vendors, I had done multiple events, I knew what details were important, basically I thought I could do it in my sleep.  Then I got engaged… And everything became real….

I realized that I couldn’t control EVERY detail, I could only plan and hope for the best.  As a perfectionist I thought I was the only one that could handle all the tiny tasks.  I learned to compromise, prioritize and most importantly breathe.  No wedding ever goes perfectly; somebody doesn’t show up, people are late, items are missing and you might even spill something on your dress…

The most important part, I realized, is that I had found my person, and I was able to be surrounded by a great group of family and friends.  My wedding was perfect, it showed me how blessed my husband and I are to start our life together.

So no matter what mishap occurs on your wedding day know that it is perfect because its your day, and its the start of something beautiful.  Cherish the day, every moment, it goes by in a flash.

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