Beach Wedding Tips

The sun on your face and the sand in your toes are wonderful additions to any wedding day.  Part of what makes a beach wedding so fantastic is that your guests get to go on a mini-vacation with you, whether it is a destination wedding or a local beauty.  There are many aspects that require attention; public vs private beach, bare-feet vs sandals vs heels if you are adventurous, and how you are going to keep your guests from melting in the sun.  If you are looking to have a beach wedding, I hope these tips help with the planning of your special day!

1. Time it Right

If you are planning a beach wedding please have the ceremony take place during the day.  The view is the reason you picked this gorgeous backdrop, right?!?!?  Avoid busy times; take into account the time of year, especially if you are planning to get married on a public beach.  Also, try and avoid the heat by planning an mid afternoon to early evening ceremony.  Track weather and prepare for the instability of an outdoor event; wind, rain, tide and heat.  Always have a backup plan!  When combating the sun, some options to offer guests for protection are sunscreen, handheld fans, decorative umbrellas, or a covering so your guests can focus on your wedding and get a break from the heat.


2. Beat the Heat

Take the heat into account when planning your wedding decor.  From your food to flowers, it is important to utilize heat resistant items.  Flowers like plumeria, orchids, and succulents are beautiful and will withstand the heat. Also consider using local floral; this will add to the authenticity of your wedding decor and is a great way to highlight local sources. Be sure to avoid hydrangea and roses, both will wilt in the heat and require a lot of water to maintain their beauty.  Using heat resistant candles, such as outdoor or flameless candles, is a great way to transition from ceremony to reception.  For dessert, try fondant in place of cream for your icing; it is less likely to melt.


3. Be Heard

Crashing waves and that salty breeze are a big part of why the beach is so magical. However, the waves and wind make it hard for other sounds to travel.  Use a microphone for the ceremony so that guests can enjoy your ceremony, and have a sound system set up so your ceremony music can be heard.  If you plan on having live music, mic them as well.  Be sure to use a wind screen on your mic to spare your guests the sound of wind overpowering your vows. You can easily find a wind screen online for under $10, typically made of foam. Just place it over the mic to ensure your ceremony is heard by all.

Feet in the sand

4. Dress the Part

Beach weddings tend to be more relaxed, especially with the sand, bare-feet and sunshine.  It is important to dress appropriately and comfortably so that you both can enjoy your day.  Silhouettes like an airy sheath cut work well with a beach setting, especially in fabrics like cotton, linen, and crepe.  Dresses in a blush or pale blue will pop against the beach background and work well for a wedding gown or bridesmaids dresses.  Be wary of elaborate veil styles; you don’t want it to end up wrapped around your face courtesy of a lovely gust of the ocean breeze.  If you have your heart set on a veil, save it for dramatic wedding shots with it blowing in the wind.  It will be easier to control in that setting as opposed to when you are walking down the aisle.

There are many factors to consider for a beach wedding including weather, clothing, and flower and food spoilage.  Seasoned vendors are sure to help you ensure that your day runs smoothly and beautifully.  No matter what, enjoy your day alongside the crashing waves; it’s your wedding day!

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