Yes, I Hired a Planner

Part 2 of What My Wedding Taught Me

I like to think of myself as someone who thrives under pressure.  As a hospitality professional, I love the adrenaline rush that accompanies providing a service; I flourish during the toughest of situations.  However, I learned, while planning my own wedding, that one person can only do so much.  It was impossible to be in 15 places at once, make a million decisions by myself, and be my own day-of-coordinator while also getting married.

While trying to be a bride, fiancé, planner, and work full time I lost sight of the whole process.  After realizing I wanted to be present during my wedding, not running the show from behind the scenes, things came into perspective.  So I decided to take my wedding joy back with these 4 steps:

Step 1-Ask for help

Step 2-Learn to delegate

Step 3-Find a day-of-coordinator

Step 4-Take time to breath

Having someone handle the execution of our nuptials and the flow of the wedding day allowed me to take a step back.  Since I had handled most of the early details, when it came time to hand over the reins, our planner simply had to make sure the venue didn’t burn down.  She also gave me peace of mind that if any emergency did pop up she would handle it.  A planner does more than calm pre-wedding jitters; they fight for your vision, cover your day-of-coordination, make your wedding stress free, and ensure a venue flip is successful.

On my wedding day I was allowed to be present in the moment and not stress about each detail being perfectly executed.  This early wedding gift to myself saved my sanity and freed me, along with family and friends, from working my wedding.

**Keep an eye out for Part 3-What Planner Really Does

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