New Wedding Trends of 2017

It’s a new year, which means it is time for new wedding trends!  It is always great to see the different takes on weddings that emerge with each new season. From decorum, to color palette, to food, these are some of my favorite trends that are happening in 2017.

Let’s get inspired!

Local Fare

It’s your day to celebrate you! Why not also celebrate your local area by highlighting local vendors and talent? The farm to table movement has taken the culinary world by storm; what’s a better time to indulge your taste buds than your wedding?  Supporting your community is a great way to show off your town and maybe even get a discount ( locals only). Local food is almost always much tastier because it’s been harvested at its peak, handcrafted, and created with love. Have I sold you yet???


Metallic bridesmaids dresses, so much glittery goodness

Whether it’s gold, copper, silver, rose gold, or bronze, metallics are sure to add an extra dimension to your affair. Great for accent pieces, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories to add a sparkle. Metallics are extremely versatile, shimmery goodness that work with multiple color palettes and lend themselves nicely to many different styles. From casual to black tie, metallics will help any event pop.

Neutral Colors

Nothing says understated like a neutral palette. Whether it’s greys, nudes, or creams a natural palette helps to create a classic feel for your event.  An all white wedding is always romantic and airy and works for all seasons. By keeping the color scheme in the nude, grey, white, or cream range for your decor, you and your partner remain the focal point and gives your day a touch of modern elegance. A neutral bouquet can also add a lightness to your day that lets you and your joy shine through.  If you are looking for a way to make the focus your venue, or if you simply love a clean look, a neutral color scheme will work great for you!\


Who doesn’t love at little drama?? At least when it comes to decor 😉 . A fun way to add some drama to your wedding, that doesn’t involve tears, is hanging floral arrangements.  They give a room a sense of flow and are sure to be a conversation starter.  Adding height and points of interests at different levels keeps your guest engaged with the decor.  

Another great way to add some drama to your wedding is to add a bold color to accent your special day.  A vibrant color can bring brightness and playfulness to your wedding.  A splash of brightness works especially well as an accent color to offset a neutral palette. A bright color is sure to keep you guests captivated throughout your wedding.

Tiered Cake


Tiered cakes are back!!!! And, I love a tiered wedding cake! This doesn’t mean you have to give up your s’mores bar or other yummy goodies; it’s just a great center piece that, to me, screams wedding.  This classic wedding staple has gone from intricate, to simple, to simply forgotten.  While I love a great wedding cake, it doesn’t need to be towering, pure white, or super fancy; there are great versatile wedding cakes these days.  Some of my favorites are an almost-naked cake or one decorated in floral and greenery that creates a textures. Both of these styles are great for garden, vintage, and rustic themes (just to name a few). 


Photobooths have come a long way. Now you can do slow-motion, green screen, digital prints, and even animated GIFs.  If you don’t want a fancy booth, or it doesn’t fit into the budget, you can always supply props and a backdrop.  No matter what kind of photobooth you decide on, they are a great way for guests to interact with each other and create extra fun memories on your wedding day.


Another great way to make your photo memories more unique is to try a new angle; photographers are starting to take photos from great heights.  Pics from way way up create these fun images that are great at capturing the celebration!

If visualizing your wedding is hard, look to to other sources, such as Pinterest, blogs, and weddings you have attended for inspiration. Just remember that this is your wedding, and it should be tailored to you and your partner. Don’t try to replicate other people’s weddings, because you both deserve a day that is unique and special, just like you.

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