Ideas for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties and Other Celebrations

Who doesn’t love to celebrate?!?! I enjoy any chance to bring the people I love together, to eat, drink and be merry.  With any successful event, planning is key! When bringing a group of people together its important to factor in participation costs so everyone can partake.  Many of the following ideas are more geared towards bachelor and bachelorette parties but can be used for birthdays, random acts of bonding, and just because days. Wether you are planning to celebrate the end of your single era with your friends the day before or months advance, its always good to have the particulars figured out as early as possible.

One Day Celebrations

When celebrating a birthday, engagement or connecting with friends it is always great to have an activity. Some fun interactive activities are  going to a local sports game, attending a painting class or craft night (drinking and creating? yes please!), having an arcade night, or hosting a cookout.

If you are into a craft night like Cocktails and Canvases it is always helpful to check Groupon or Living Social since they are almost always have deals available.  Before buying any deal make sure you check what classes they offer to ensure you will enjoy the subject, and check the dates against everyone’s calendar.

When planning an outing to a professional sports game to minimize costs it is good to try and go to soccer, baseball, or rugby games. These are typically the least expensive professional sports in most areas.  You can typically get tickets under $15 at most baseball stadiums, if on a budget stay away from Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium they are some of the most expensive tickets in the league.  Fun facts; the cheapest tickets in the league, Angels at $9.80, parking Tampa Bay at $0, hot dogs Cincinnati at $1, and the cheapest beer in the league is a tie between Cleveland and Arizona at $4.  Also if you are looking for atmosphere and not the big name athletes take in a minor league game or look into off-season

Something like a potluck or game night is also a great way to have fun and be budget conscious. When hosting an event at your house, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help, small things like bread, salad, beverages, and side dishes add up.  If one person doesn’t have to take care of everything the host/hostess is more likely to enjoy themself and not be ridiculously stressed.  Unless you are me; and then you will probably be stressed no matter what, but love every minute of it.

Cocktails and Canvases in Denver, CO

Budget Friendly Trips

A trip is a fun way to “trap” people you love into a location and force them to do all the lame things you love, right? Or it could be a great time to have an adventure with some of the most important people in your life.  When planning a budget friendly trip for a group of people keep the following tips in mind.

Find Local Beauty

Instead of going to Las Vegas or Miami, try somewhere else just as beautiful and exciting.  Most people live close to a local beauty or a water source like a beach/lake, camp site, or mountains that will provide a wonderful backdrop to a trip filled with great memories.  If most of your people are in the same state road tripping is a convenient way to make it accessible to a lot of people. Also who doesn’t love a good road trip?? Another positive is that people can carpool which helps with keeping costs low.

Rent a House

Look into borrowing a friends second home or look into renting a house thru Airbnb, VRBO, Home to Go, Home Away or other house-rental sites.  Renting a house and splitting the cost between all guests can help make a weekend stay cheaper than one night in a hotel.  Another way to save is to rent a house during the off-season, also there will be less tourists around to photobomb your pics.

If you haven’t guessed it I think the best way to save money on a trip is to find ways to split the bill multiple ways! I was lucky enough to have a friend let me use her family cabin in Idaho to host my bachelorette, it was the perfect backdrop for relaxing, being silly, and enjoying the outdoors.


Eating and drinking out can really make a trip or outing expensive.A good rule of thumb to ensure you don’t spend a fortune on eating out is to plan meals ahead and stock the fridge.  Eat out for one night only and savor it.  Partaking in nibbles and drinks at home really help with costs and saves everyone from taking taxis!  I love those intimate moments when you stay in with friends and create a meal together, no rush, just having great conversation and yummy food.

Friends Family Cabin in Idaho

So, remember, when gathering your loved ones for a celebration, it’s best to start early to give everyone time to plan. Get creative with budget friendly options; everyone will be grateful for this! Plan activities that everyone can enjoy and partake in. Don’t be afraid to delegate small tasks when people ask if they can do/bring anything. And most importantly, remember to have fun and don’t sweat every single, minute detail. Your friends are there to celebrate, not to judge you for buying a pie crust rather than making it by hand!

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