What a Planner Really Does

Part 3 of What I Learned from My Wedding 

I hope it’s safe to assume that you are looking for wedding tips because you are trying to plan your wedding.  Good job on researching and congrats on your engagement!  You can never have too much information when attempting to create this once in a lifetime event. Now that you have gotten the pesky little task of finding your life partner out of the way, it’s time to start getting your day in order.  A planner can ensure your wedding is successful, organized, that you stay on budget, and most importantly, that you and your partner enjoy you wedding day. Here are 5 important things a wedding planner can do for you:

    1. Handle your day of coordination – Many venues offer a coordinator as a part of their packages, and to the untrained eye, that is helpful.  Unfortunately, when you’re about to walk down the aisle, their venue coordinator is probably in the kitchen putting out fires, figuratively, hopefully not, literally.  I am not saying that they won’t be an asset on your wedding day, but their main concern that day is to attend to the venue’s needs.  Also, since your planner is involved in all aspects, unlike the venue coordinator, family or friends, they will be able to simply focus on your needs for this day.
    2. Fight for your vision – Weddings are incredibly personal occasions that people dream about for days, months, and even years. Our planner gave me an outlet to simply talk and obsess about the big day. If you are like me, you are all about the tiny details, and I warn you that it is incredibly easy to become completely engrossed in all things wedding.  Having a planner gives friends and family a nice break from discussing the nuances of your wedding. Also, having a planner gives you someone in your corner to back you when facing adversity, such as cancellations, vendors falling through, and lack of support from family.  Your planner will be there and keep your wedding dreams alive. 
    3. Make your wedding stress free – While many tasks of wedding planning are magical and enjoyable, like cake tasting and dress shopping, there are also not-so-fun tasks like vendor insurance liability, table layouts, and cutlery choices. Having a wedding planner allows you to delegate mundane tasks and frees you up to enjoy the planing process, however involved you chose to be. That is the beauty of a planner; you get to have someone else pick up the slack!  This is also extremely helpful when you and your partner are not super into specifics.
    4. Budget planning – Weddings are expensive!  Unless you have unlimited funds, you are going to need to budget for your wedding.  Because you are emotionally attached to your wedding, it is sometimes difficult to prioritize what is worth the money and what is unnecessary.  In addition to helping create a budget, a professional planner can aid with vendor discounts.  
    5. Ensures your flip is successful – Typically, couples use a venue that offers ceremony and reception space.  Aspects like chairs, floral, and drapery are used for both the ceremony and reception.  To ensure that theses details are correctly placed for both, it is important to have someone that understands your vision for your day.

It is crucial to have a support person throughout the grueling wedding planning process. It is always helpful to have someone handle all the little details that make any event a success. Wedding planners are great for both. I hope these tips help you find the right planner, so that you have the best time planning and enjoying your day. Weddings are personal, weddings are special, and most importantly, you want your wedding to be unique, just like you!