Backyard Wedding

Who doesn’t love a backyard wedding??  It is intimate, family oriented, and most of all its usually in a home that already holds so many memories.  Use these tips to ensure that you backyard wedding is a success.

Have Fun

It’s your wedding and you’ll party if you want to!  The beauty of a backyard wedding is that you don’t have to adhere to any rules (within reason of course), because it’s your house.  You want sparklers, a fire pit, or maybe a messy piñata?  You can have it!  You want to start your wedding off with a bang so let the pyrotechnics begin!  (you might need a permit)  If you have enough space create little zones like a fire pit area, games area, and dessert area.  This will keep your guests occupied and also give them additional places to congregate.



Work With What Ya Got

Plan on using your backyard as part of the decor.  If you are looking to plant new plants start at least 8 weeks before the wedding.  This gives the plants time to root and get nice an full, and something to remember the wedding by all year long.

Incorporate sentimental aspects of your family home into your ceremony and planning. If you and a family member planted a tree, or have always enjoyed a special corner, consider it as a place to say your vows.

Essential Additions

A flat backyard help to make the perfect space to dance the nigh away with a dance floor. Your guests in heels will thank you immensely!  Also be sure to warn guests if heels will be an issue.  The temporary dance floor will help to protect your beautiful backyard. Another added bonus is that you have created a focal point that you can hang lighting from.


If possible, consider adding port a potties to your backyard extravaganza.  Additional restrooms reduce traffic into the house, and saves your pipes from your guests.  Port a potties have come a long way from constructions sites.  They have fancy ones with sinks and mirrors.

When in doubt add lights!  Nothing fills a space like lights, whether its strings of lights, lanterns, or candles they are sure to create a otherworldly effect.  Feel free to wrap lights around posts, tents, or trees to make your backyard look ethereal.  Go crazy with the lights, because you can start the set up whenever you want!


Include the Animals

One of my wedding regrets is not including our pups in our ceremony.  They were allowed to be at the ceremony, but needed to be off the premises for the reception… which was hard because everyone that we could ask to pick them up and watch them was at our wedding.  So, if you are want your furry babies in your wedding photos, or to be your ring-bearer, a backyard wedding is the way to go.  Also they can run free, and get lots and lots of loving from your guests.


When inviting guests please be sure to let guests know where they are allowed to park, so you don’t annoy your neighbors.  Be sure to invite the neighbors so they feel free to partake and are less likely to call in a noise complaint. Backyard weddings are always a great time, so ENJOY!



I have taken some time off for some much needed time to deal with family loss and personal growth.  (Writing that sentence is scary)  Sometimes we forget that its OK to let go, it can be cathartic and healthy.  After some much needed self care, I am diving back into events, planning, and life.  Part of why I love this business is because it involves celebrating each other.  I cherish the privilege of being a part of each person’s special memories.


I am back to following my dreams and making your visions come true!