About Me

I have always enjoyed throwing parties, whether it was a backyard BBQ, dinner party or full blown event.  Bringing together people and giving them an experience to enjoy, truly makes me happy.  My first love has always been cooking, honoring my Southern roots where I was taught that food is love.  As a child I spent hours coming up with intricate meals, consisting of home-made tortilla chips, salsa and quesadillas.  I made sure each of those chips were uniformly shaped and perfectly salted!  I was six, and thought it was gourmet!

Food, wine, laughs, and people make my life so full that I attended to Johnson & Wales for my Associates in Culinary Arts.  After that I went for a Bachelors in Food Service Management with a minor in Event Planning.  After getting my start in the hospitality business I learned that one of my greatest passions was brightening people’s day.  I have been involved in the service industry for the past 12 years; from bussing tables to managing events, and the truth is I have savored every moment of it.

When coming back to Southern California, I knew that it was important to continue my passion for creating events that people leave full, happy, and awed. Inherent Grace Events gives me the outlet to be creative, fun, detailed and most importantly make other people’s ideas come to fruition.  I look forward to helping plan your dream event!